New Locations - Licensee Locations Available

BodybyKimAZ is Expanding to New Locations to better server our Clients. is pleased to announce Kim is working with individuals and companies to create new locations throughout Arizona and other states. We thank all of our clients who requested additional locations. We are working diligently to create these new locations.


Body by Kim is expanding due to the high demand for our services. BodybyKimAZ has already expanded within the first six months to a second Location within the same building in Scottsdale to accommodate all the new clients. We are looking for individuals interested in buying a Licensee Location throughout the Metropolitan areas in Arizona, to share in our growth. Licenses will be sold by territory. Secure your territory today before it is gone. Body by Kim Licensee Locations will be available in other states soon.


The spa / health / beauty industry is a huge market. The beauty industry product sales are more than $426 billions spent yearly. Additionally, the global market for weight loss was more than $500 Billion in 2014, with more than $60 Billion spent in the USA. There are 1.6 Billion people overweight in the world and the number grows by the minute. Daily, millions are spent on weight loss programs in USA. BodybyKimAZ is dedicated to helping people achieve their weight and physical goals and you can be a part of our goal. BodybyKimAZ results are satisfying to our clients and economically rewarding to our Licensees.


Body by Kim is accepting Licensee Location requests now. If you ever wanted to be part of the beauty / health / spa / weight loss industry, now is your chance. You could be the next owner of a Body by Kim Licensee Location.

Thank You.

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Interested in owning a Licensee Location of Body by Kim, please complete form below and someone will call you as soon as possible.


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