I first meet Kim over a year ago and have been a client since that first day. I love her treatments! Kim has worked on my legs and tummy which both look amazing. Don't get me wrong, she is tough but gets results. It is relaxing, fun and we laugh alot. I tell everyone about Body by Kim, she is amazing. Nicolette A.


I think this is the most fabulous treatment I have ever had. It works. I'm down two sizes. .... and have a nice flat tummy. Kim is AMAZING. Toni C.


My friend and I went to see Kim last year and she worked on my Jaws and neckline! It works! My friend Bobbie had her tummy worked on and loved it; so she could wear her two piece bathing suit and all her friends notice how great she looked! People ask me if I had a facelift and I told them no, which was true. Kim made me a new you! It made me feel so good all over! I am excited about the second location in the Optima Building 6895 E. Camelback Suite 111, next to The Fashion Square Mall where we can go shopping. It works, plus Kim and Jessica are amazing! It will be fun to go shopping and then get our treatments before going home! I can highly recommend this to all my friends! Nita N.


Congrats Kim! You have never steered me wrong when it comes to keeping( or trying) the Body Beautiful. And, we have done a few endeavors that really made a difference. Thank you for your shared Wisdom, and I will come by to get sculpted next time I am in town. Julie K.


Kim is awesome! She does great work - the results amazing. People have commented that "my workout program is really kicking in!" So friendly and funny, you will enjoy your time spent with her as much as the results that will follow. Eden H.


This treatment is amazing! Kim is so sweet and an instant friend the second you walk in. She is very comfortable to be around during all the treatments. I highly recommend coming in and seeing what she can so for you!!! Megan T. L


I love what we do and the results that Kim has been getting with her clients and their treatments with the Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedure... So happy and excited to be a part of this business and to work with Kim. Jessica H.


Kim is absolutely amazing! She's not only the sweetest women alive but she works wonders. She's my secret to being skinny! Deffinitly give her a try! Nicolette G.


Body by Kim is easily the best in town. Professional Staff, Great Products and a Beautiful Office. If you are looking for a one stop shop to help transform your body, mind and soul, I would highly recommend Body by Kim. Kris S.


Great experience!! The BEST it gets! Kim's body slimming and tightening treatments WORK! Not only is she a MASTER technician but her personality and professionalism go far beyond the usual. Many of us have tried so many different treatments of this kind to find they ultimately fail or find an MD that has opened a body treatment facility and hired technicians that don't really care about clients. Kim is sincere, offers plans for everyones pocket and best of all get the results you came in for! Thank you Kim! Sima V


I went to Body By Kim for cavitation treatments to get rid of cellulite on the back of my upper legs and it worked! You're probably thinking that this is too good to be true, but trust me when I say you need to try this! If you have any stubborn fat deposits that you just can't get rid of - Body By Kim is who you should go see. After only a few treatments, I saw a remarkable difference in the appearance of my legs. Sabrina S.


Body by Kim is easily the best in town. Professional Staff, Great Products and a Beautiful Office. If you are looking for a one stop shop to help transform your body, mind and soul, I would highly recommend Body by Kim. N. N.


I have been a customer for the better part of six months. I originally went to see Kim with much doubt and was seeking some help on my please realize I DO believe in Plastic Surgery....actually I think it's God sent...LOL then I found Body by Kim. I arrived for my first treatment and walked out a happy girl.... then arrived for my second treatment and walked out a believer.... I now enjoy a flat tummy.... great looking arms...and am working on my thighs.... next for me will be my face. Body cavitation is a wonderful experience, but the relationship you build with Kim makes this special. I absolutely think that this is the treatment... Thank you Kim for giving me the freedom to get back into a bathing suit and those sleeveless tanks. Toni C. new logo 2014 logo logo - free consultations logo - FDA approved programs